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Why Buy Wood Curtain Rods from Us?

We stock all the most popular Wood Curtain Rods and accessories to create an amazing finish on all your windows. Don't make the mistake of making beautiful curtains and then compromising on the window hardware. We have a great selection of wood rods, finials, brackets and rings that will work with any home decor. If you have have other wood elements in the room with a stain finish, we recommend you do your best matching the curtain rod finish. We have several interesting wood finishes including antique and crackle techniques. Remember, your window fashion will look great for many years. Don't make compromises!

Wood Curtain Rods have a very nice range of sizes and finishes to work with. The rods diameter starts at 1-3/8" and can get as large a 3". Most of our customers use the 1-3/8" or 2" diameter poles. The larger 3" poles look great and are generally reserved for formal settings and wide and/or tall windows. A 3" pole can over power a smaller window or in a room where the ceilings are lower. There are two types of poles of poles to consider. The fluted pole has "carved" grooves to give it more detail and formality. The smooth pole is absent of grooves and a little less formal. There are an endless number of finial styles in each of the different brands we carry. There are dozens of stain finishes to match any decorating style.

Installing decorative wood curtain rods is not a very difficult project. You just need a few tools to make the job go smoothly. A drill, screw driver and a carpenters level is all you need. You may also need anchor bolts that can be purchased at any hardware store. Click here for our simple guide. If you have any questions regarding installation, please do not hesitate to call. We have experts that can walk you through the installation process to make sure it goes well.