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Traditional Focus On Custom Curtains, Roman Shades, Valances, Swags

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Why Shop our Traditional Custom Department? focus in its Traditional Custom department is on Custom Window Treatments. In this department, you will find over 400 beautiful designer fabrics suitable for any window treatment. All of our Traditional Custom products are custom made in the USA. The fabric is this department is purchased directly from the largest designer fabric mills.

Custom Curtains

In this department, all the drapes are made at 2.5 to 1 fullness. Some designers insist that all their drapes be made at this fullness specification. Fullness is how much fabric is used to create the pleats. Higher fullness uses more fabric giving your finished curtains a very luxurious look. You can order decorative side panels or custom make your curtains in nearly any size.

Custom Fabric Roman Shades

The Roman Shades in Traditional Custom have all the best options. For lifting, you have the option of standard pull cord, cordless and loop chain. You can also order a top-down-bottom-up lifting system to give you plenty of natural while giving you privacy in the bathroom or bedroom.

Traditional Valances

We have a larger selection of Traditional Valances. Most on board mounted with a small selection of rod mounted valances. There a several styles that use two fabrics to give you a very dramatic valance. The board mounted valances are very simple to install and are shipped with the mounting hardware. It literally take a few minutes to install a valance with simple tools.

Traditional Swags

The two most popular swag styles are the Ascot Swag and the Pole Swag and Traditional Custom has them both. The Ascot is mounted on a board and is very simple to install right out of the box. The Pole Swags are pre-formed in the workroom and easily attach to a decorative rod using supplied Velcro. We recommend the rod be a minimum of 1-3/8" in diameter.