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Bamboo Shades
SKU: AV-0000112

Averte Natural Fold

Priced from $132.00
SKU: BCSW-3523

Classic Banded Natural Woven Roman Shade

Priced from $231.00
SKU: CSW-3523

Classic Natural Woven Roman Shade

Priced from $82.00
SKU: HSW-3523

Hobbled Natural Woven Roman Shade

Priced from $114.00
SKU: WHSW-3523

Waterfall Hobbled Natural Woven Roman Shade

Priced from $114.00
SKU: WSW-3523

Waterfall Natural Woven Roman Shade

Priced from $82.00

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Shades are what most people call these beautiful natural shades. Other names you might here are natural woven shades or woven wood shades or woven Roman shades. No matter what term you hear, they all refer to the same product. Small strips or shoots of natural material including bamboo and grass are woven together in a large flat sheet. String holds the natural material together.

When you order a woven shade, your exact size is cut from the large sheet using lasers. Lasers are used to make sure the edges are exact and perfectly straight. The shade is then assembled according to the options you order. Here is a summary of the different options you can order.

Classic Valance

Here the bamboo shade drops from the back of the mounting board. It hugs close to the window as it drops. A valance is added to the front of the mounting board to conceal the mechanical parts that move your shade up and down.No Charge Option

Waterfall Style

Here the woven shade drops from the front of the mounting board. A valance isn't necessary since the shade itself hides the mechanical parts. This style is often used for mounting the shade inside the window where clean lines are desired.No Charge Option

Cordless Lifting

No more messy string and no more safety concern over dangling cords! The shade is raised and lowered with the gentle touch of your hand. This is an No Charge Option

Clutch Controls

A clutch controls the movement of your shade. A continuous loop chain is how you operate the clutch. This is an No Charge Option

Duo-Fold Controls

The natural shade has the same function as a standard operating shade. The shade lowers from the top and moves up and down. What makes this shade very versatile is that you can disengage the top of the shade from the headrail and lower it to any desired position. You get clear unfiltered light at the top of the window.  This is perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms where you want to let in sunlight while maintaining your privacy at all times.


Bamboo and grass shades tend to let a lot of light stream through. They do provide a decent amount of privacy during the day, but at night light inside the home increases visibility into the room from the outside.  To improve privacy and better control light, the shade itself can be lined with drapery lining.

Edge Accent Banding

This option gives natural shades the look you see in magazines. Sometimes you just want to put a shade in the window and be done with it. However, imagine you want to decorate - do something special. You can add fabric banding to your shade in a number of different locations. You can add it to all shade edges (including the valance), horizontal edges or vertical edges. You get to decide. Then using that same fabric, you can make curtains and/or throw pillows. The result will look like you hired a designer!

Multiple Shades on One Headrail

When you have a double window, you can put up one large single shade. It works fine, but you don't get much flexibility. If you were to do two shades on one headrail, you can open them independently. A single valance runs across the top of the headrail giving it a nice finished appearance.

Scallops and trim

Bamboo shades are made as simple rectangles. If you want a bit more shape, then you can add a scallop design at the bottom. Decorative trim can also be added to the bottom of the valance, the shade or both.

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