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Board Mount Installation

Board Mounted Custom Window Treatments Installation

There are just a few simple steps for your board mount window treatment installation. These instructions will work for all board mounted valances, roman shades, swags and cornices. These instructions show a Roman Shade being installed. All other board mounted window treatments will have the same steps, you just won't have the strings.

custom window treatment This is a typical double hung window. You can decorate this window with a valance, swag, roman shade or cornice. In this guide the product is a roman shade, but the same technique will apply to any of the board mounted window treatment styles mentioned above.
valance The first step is to hold window treatment up to the window to mark where you will install the brackets. Pre-marking is particularly important with roman shades. You don't want your brackets to interfere with the functioning lifting system. In a typical 40" wide window, you will only need to install two brackets. Larger windows will need more. One bracket every 18" will give you a secure installation.
roman shade Position each bracket above the marks on the window casing. When securing brackets this close to the window casing, it is common to find solid wood behind the dry wall. If that is the case, you only need to use a drill to drive the screws in. If you don't find solid wood, then you will need wall anchors to secure the screws (see the bottom of the page).

The bracket will cause the widow treatment mounting to be 2" above the casing. The board is 1" thick, so when ordering a roman shade, you must add 3" to the length. However, you can mount your brackets directly on the window casing and not add the 3".
custom valances Under the fabric on the headrail is a soft wood. You can sink a screw into the wood headrail fairly easily directly through the fabric. However, we strongly recommend drilling small pilot holes in the headrail first so you don't split the wood. Do not use a power drill when tightening headrail screws, you can easily over tighten them and damage the wood. Please use screw driver and tighten by hand.
swags This warning applies to Roman Shades with cords. All of our Roman Shades are shipped with cord cleats. We strongly recommend that they be installed so the cord is safely secured when the shade is in the up position. A dangling cord is a safety hazard for children and pets.
custom roman shade Pictured here is a Flat Roman Shade completely installed. If you follow these instructions, installation should take approximately 30 minutes.
swag If you need to use dry wall anchors, the ones pictured here work well and are very easy to install. You can get these at any hardware store.

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