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Cowhide Rugs and Cowhide Furniture

black and white cowhide rug

At Home Brands just launched our newest website called Cowhide Home.  This website is dedicated to southwestern decorating and cowhide products.  We have teamed up with the leading importers and manufacturers to bring you the greatest selection and quality products.  Our design team is always on the hunt for new and interesting items to add to the site.  So it is worth checking back on a regular basis to see what’s new.

Cowhide Home has a very large selection of Cowhide Rugs including, brown, black, zebra, solid dye colors, brindle and metallic.  There is a style and color for any room décor.

You will also find a wide variety of cowhide furniture ranging from chairs to ottomans to bar stools.  There is nothing more interesting than a cowhide accent piece.  From modern to country, there is always room for cowhide furniture.


Modern Drapes for a Bedroom

Straight Cornice

A lot of our customers design their bedrooms after hotel rooms that they have recently been in.  Hotel rooms now a days are a lot nicer than they use to be.  You don’t have to be at the Four Seasons to have a really nice room.  A common look in a hotel room for window treatments is to have a board mounted valance or cornice along with the custom curtains.   This is a great look if you want modern drapes for a bedroom.  The top valance is often used to cover up the rod but it is also used to add room darkening features.  Many people purchase custom window treatments to make their bedroom more dark for sleeping.  It also creates a very tranquil environment.

In the picture above, we at have used simple silk drapes that are both lined and interlined.  In many hotels you will find sheers which is a nice look for layering.  This creates a very custom look.  Above the drapes is a simple straight valance.  The fabric that was used happens to be a quilted fabric that is just a fabulous look.

You will see more and more in home magazines people leaning towards a modern luxurious hotel look for their bedroom.  We can create anything you want.  Please send us a photo of your bedroom and we can create a wonderful look for you.  please send pictures to and have one of our designers suggest fabrics and window treatments for you.


Best Way to Hang Curtains

In this article we are going to cover hanging or installing curtains in a completely new installation.  You will be hanging both new curtain hardware and new curtains.  You have made a significant investment in your new window treatment; you want to make sure they look right when installed.

The technique here will work no matter what style of curtain header (pinch pleat, rod pocket, grommet, etc.) you selected.  Professionals don’t do it the way we are about to describe.  They install curtains every day and have developed fast and efficient techniques.  As a DIY consumer, you will get yourself in trouble if you attempt to install using professional techniques. 

Take your curtains out of the box and lay them flat on the floor with the lining side on the floor.  Then take your hardware out of the box and position the rod at the top of your curtains.  If you have a rod pocket or grommet curtain, then slide the pocket over the rod.  If you have pleated curtains, then slip the rings over the rod.  Then attach the drapery pins to ring eyelets.  If you have a pair of curtains, you only need to put one of the panels on the rod to keep the weight down.  At this point you are mostly concerned about the position of the wall brackets.  Grab one of the brackets and with the help of another person, lift the rod over the window.  Raise the rod slowly until the curtain is at the right height.  In a standard installation, you want the curtain to just “kiss” the floor.  If you are going to puddle the curtain, then allow for that. 

With the rod at the correct height, move the bracket into position on the wall and mark with a pencil at the bottom of the bracket.  This is going to be the height.  You can take the curtain off the rod now to reduce the weight.  Then, center the rod on the window and place the bracket back at the pencil mark.  Move the bracket out so it is near the end of the rod.  Don’t go completely out to the end.  You will need a little rod showing on the outside of the bracket so you have space. If you have decorative rings or a grommet curtain, the last ring will be on the outside of the bracket.  If you have a rod pocket, then you can move the bracket out a little further.  However, still show a little rod on the outside of the bracket.  Now mark that position and mark the screw holes on the bracket with a pencil.

You are ready to install your bracket.  Take a small finish nail and hammer it through the two bracket screw marks.  If you hit wood, then just use the supplied bracket screws.  If you did not hit any wood, then you will need to anchor screws.  Don’t use the cheap plastic spread anchors.  Over time, they won’t support the weight of the curtain and the hardware.  Get the metal anchors that spread out behind the wall.  Once the first bracket is installed, then take your rod and set it down on the bracket.  Then take a carpenters level and hold it on top of the rod.  Get it level and then mark the position of the second bracket and repeat the process.  Now the hard part is done.  Assemble the rest of your hardware and hang your curtains.   The perfect installation.

Custom Drape & Draperies: Helping You Change The Way Your Spaces Appear

The way you dress your windows in your home can play a major role in deciding the overall ambiance of your property. When it comes to window treatments, you can select from some rally amaz5-curtains-draperying styles, designer fabrics, hanging options, and more to give your spaces the desired appeal. In addition, you can work with online workrooms with in-house production facilities to get custom drape & draperies for your windows, where nothing is out of the box.

Choose from an incredible range of fabrics and trimmings to create beautiful curtains that can add to the look of any room. Add drapery lining to the curtains to protect the fabric and also enhance the overall appearance.

The key is to plan in advance and know exactly what you are looking for. For high windows and extra high spaces, the ready-made curtains that are available off the shelf do not always suffice. In such instances, you would need extra-long curtains in high quality fabric to get a soothing, elegant look.

With custom drapes, you also have the flexibility of choosing the material of curtains depending on the amount of light you want in and the degree of privacy you want the space to have. For the living room, you might want custom drape & draperies that look pretty and also allow light to stream in for a fresh and inviting ambiance.

Furthermore, in areas such as the kids’ rooms, curtains made with heavier fabric are often preferred. The heavy curtains can be drawn in to obscure light when the little ones are taking a nap, while also brightening and softening the spaces when drawn out.

As a homeowner, you can tap into your inherent creativity and select the colors and styles that would open up your existing spaces and make them appear bigger and brighter. For instance, sheer drapes in neutral colors can create the illusion of a bigger space by doing away with visual boundaries.

The bottom line is clear enough. The right kind of custom drape & draperies can enhance any given space to make it look more appealing. Visit here and check beautiful collection of custom drape & draperies.

How do I measure for Curtains?

Measure for Curtains Without Mistakes

There is a lot of confusion on how to measure for curtains.  It’s not that difficult if you follow some very simple instructions.  We decided to cover this subject again after visiting a local country club to see how their renovation turned out.  We are working on a different country club project and this was just a field trip.  The club was beautifully decorated and very impressive.  However, we noticed right away how awful the curtains turned out.  Not the curtains themselves, but the measuring and installation.  Take a look at the image below.  Can you spot what they did wrong?


If you see it, then you either know how to measure for curtains or read our measuring guidelines.  If you didn’t spot it, then here is the answer.  Look at the rod in relation to the top part of the window molding.  The rod is below the molding.  This is a GIANT mistake.  The rod needs to be above the window casing.  As a minimum, we recommend 4”, but you can go higher in the right circumstances.  Can you believe this was done by a professional?  The same mistake was done on all the windows with drapes throughout the club.   This is one of the worst mistakes you can make.  There is no way to fix this.  You can’t make the drapes longer nor can you have your drapes 6” short from the floor.  They either have to be totally remade or you live with it.  In this case, the remake would have cost several thousand dollars.  They decided to live with it.

If you make your drapes too long, you have options.  You can puddle the drape on the floor.  This is done all the time with high-end silk drapes.  It is very elegant.  Your other option is to shorten the length.  Yes, just like a long pair of pants, you can get them hemmed.  It’s no big deal.  Long – you have options.  Short – unpleasant options. 

Measuring for curtains is not that scary if you follow simple guidelines.  Make sure you go 4” higher than the window molding (casing) and 4” out on each side of the casing.  You can find a lot more information by clicking here.

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